FIESTA online
  • Genre
    : 3D MMORPG
  • Service Status
    : July 2014 currently in service
  • Servicing countries
    : Japan, China, Taiwan, USA, Germany, UK, France, Spain.

One of the best 3D Cartoon Graphics
Fiesta is the hometown of passionate boys and girls.
Young Warriors holding a long sword in a blue dawn, flexible looking Elves as if dancing in thin air, Clerics praying in front of a shield with God’s image carved in it, Magicians concentrating on casting a spell with their wands and staffs carved with magical patterns..

The Temple bell rings as if blessing their new journey beginning. An exciting adventure with good friends endured many hardships and adversities with you. A friendly landscape of a Pastel tone drawn inside your imagination will get joined together like a piece of painting and become reality.
One of the best 3D Cartoon Graphics
Fiesta offers various contents that will entertain you only in Fiesta.
From things you can enjoy the same as in reality to those you cannot in reality.
Fantastic fun nobody can imagine awaits you 24/7. Another Fiesta inside Fiesta, another fun inside fun doubles your delight! Triples your fun!! Quadruples your sensation!!!
One of the best 3D Cartoon Graphics
Various skills, fabulous motions, lively hit, exciting effects and sound will entertain your eyes and ears.
Intelligent normal monsters, more vicious group monsters and powerful boss monsters will thrill you with suspense and danger. And where many systems such as Guild, Party, Holy Promise, Wedding, Mini House, Pet etc exist, the world of Fiesta Online will bring you the joy of hunting, breathtaking suspense and competitive battle, flame-like combat!
Splendid Community
There are so much to do and play with in Fiesta Online. There are even monsters that can talk?! With great adventures and exciting Kingdom quests, from Holy Promise(master & pupil) to Wedding. Show off your own Mini House, honor your guild through Guild Arena! The mysterious Isya continent will open its door for you right now!